Motley Crue To Tour In May 1990

Published on August 1st, 2012


BASSIST Nikki Sixx has confirmed Motley Crue will tour Australia in May — and challenged Jon Bon Jovi to a fight!
Sixx has called Bon Jovi “a lying asshole” after the New Jersey frontman told Juke last month he had nothing to do with the incident at the Moscow Peace Festival which saw Motley fire their manager Doc McGhee.
Commenting on Crue drummer Tommy Lee allegedly punching him. Bon Jovi told Juke: “Not punching me, I would’ve busted his f–kin’ head, he wouldn’t be alive to talk about it.”
JBJ has since described  Sixx as “the Kevin DuBrow of  the nineties” and accused the Crue of being afraid of “living in Bon Jovi’s shadow.”
“Do you really think Jon Bon Jovi could kick anybody in Motley Crue’s ass?” Sixx blasted from Boston.
“If he wants to, man, I’ll meet
“Tommy didn’t even punch Doc McGhee. He pushed him.
“Obviously Jon Bon Jovi’s a liar. He went and got married and then said he didn’t, then he did, he can’t make up his mind what he wants to be.”
Sixx said there was now no doubt the Crue would tour Australia bringing as much of its monstrous stage set as possible.
“We’re definitely coming,” said Sixx. “I’m just taking one day at a time now but I’d say we’ll be there in May or April.”
Sixx accused everyone involved in the Moscow anti-drug and alcohol concert in August of being drunk for the duration of the show and revealed the Crue may quit the scene completely for up to four years after their Current tour.
“Listen, we were the only people there who weren’t on dr.., who weren’t drunk and f-ked up and it was an anti-drug concert, OK?” said Sixx.
‘There’s so much lying that went on. It you’re over there to talk about not doing drugs, how the f–k can you be over there and be shittaced?
‘1 don’t think any of it was done honestly. I don’t buy into it.’’
Sixx described Bon Jovi’s music as “a sellout” and claimed Jon’s version of events in Russia, as printed in these pages, was “bullshit”.
“That group of people lied,” he said, referring to McGhee Entertainment, which manages Bon Jovi and other Moscow Peace Festival acts Cinderella and Skid Row.
“That’s something Motley Crue has never done. We don’t lie to our fans. We’re an honest band, we keep everything on the table.”
On the shock plan for a long break, Sixx said the band would be touring for at least 18 months, “then we’ll probably be releasing a greatest hits album and we’ll probably take two or three years off.
“We always take two years so I’m thinking maybe we’ll do a greatest hits, then take three and it could even be four.
“We’ll take as long as we want.”

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  1. Posted by Bill on August 5th, 2012, 20:33 [Reply]

    It was a great gig at the EntCent in Sydney. Awesome set list, Tommy’s revolving drum kit… terrific stuff.


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