BABY ANIMALS, Annandale Hotel, 2012

Published on August 3rd, 2012

LIVE REVIEW: BABY ANIMALS, Annandale Hotel, July 12 2012


SUPPORT The Lazys thanked fans for supporting “the old bands” but the Baby Animals showed they were anything but a nostalgia act at the Annandale last night.

In a one-off Sydney show, Suze Demarchi, Dave Leslie and their cohorts road tested a host of new songs which they hope will be the cornerstone of the next era for the Oz Rock legends – and the sold-out crowd at the MMM-sponsored shindig loved it.

“Bonfires” is a classy mid-tempo rocker, “Invisible Dreamer” has a classic rock feel to it, “Warm Body” assures us Suze’s body is our friend, while “Under Your Skin” was lapped up as if it was 25 years old.

The Baby Animals opened things up with “One Word” off 1991’s eponymous debut and also threw in a searing cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” – with improvised ending  – that ticked a lot more boxes than Chris Cornell’s recent take on “Billie Jean”. There were the old favourites too – “Painless” “Break My Heart” and – at the end of the main set – “Early Warning”.

The focus was on the recent, with “Stitch” off Il Grande Silenzio and both the A- and B-sides of single “You Got It Bad”, while favourites such as “Working For The Enemy “ were overlooked in favour of Suze’s solo effort, “Tele-Love”.

After a brief encore of “Rush You” and “Ain’t Gonna Get”, they departed with the big crowd baying for more. Earlier, Central Coast boys The Lazys had made the most of the opportunity to play in front of a large crowd with an impressive set that brought to mind early incarnations of the Screaming Jets and The Poor.

The highlight was their anthem “All Fired Up”, closely followed by “Union Of The Underdog”. The upstarts are slowly weeding the filler out of their set.

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