Motley Crue Members Plan Solo Projects In 1991

Published on September 13th, 2012


THE four members of Motley Crue plan to pursue hugely different solo careers during the band’s current break from live and recording action, following the ‘Dr Feelgood’ LP and tour.
Speaking exclusively to Mayhem, bassist Nikki Sixx revealed plans to tour a blues band, frontman Vince Neil elaborated on plans tor a solo album, guitarist Mick Mars told of an experimental LP and drummer Tommy Lee uncovered his funk leanings!
“Me and Mick want to put a little band together,” said Sixx, who will also press on with a book of “street poetry”.
“We’re gonna call it the Budget Blues Band. When we’re in Chicago we’re gonna find a singer or something, we don’t care if
he’s black, white, old, young. We’re gonna just, like, tour clubs for something to do. Maybe make an album.”
Sixx will also co-produce a Vince Neil solo album along with Tommy Lee, and write lyrics tor Mars’ experimental project.
Mars said no other member of Motley Crue aside from Sixx would be involved in his opus, which he would probably release himself and record at his home studio.
“l don’t really give a f**k if it sells or not,” Mars said. “l already have the material written for it, some instrumental, some with vocals.” ‘
Mars said he had no vocalist lined up although “I like Glenn Hughes… That’s a bridge I’ll cross when I get to it. I’m going to ask Bob Rock if he wants to produce it.
“It’ll be a lot different. I do different writing than rock ‘n’ roll at home. l do little concerto pieces where I put violins and cellos and stuff all together and I piece ‘em in, and l’li put a shredding guitar over the top. Y’know, just to be weird.
“It’ll still be rock ‘n’ roll but it’ll be different from the standard: nother side of Mick Mars.”
Vince Neil intends to do an all-star solo record, but the controversial frontman has revealed it may be for Gelien and not Motley’s label Elektra. ‘

“We haven’t worked out who’s going to release it but we’ve been talking to people. it’s just something to do in my spare time, have fun.” ‘

Neil says the album will feature friends like Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Castillo, and that other members of Motley Crue would play on certain tracks.
“I’m gonna do Vince’s favourite all-time songs and there’Il be, like, 10 songs.”
Strangest of all are Tommy Lee’s plans, which hover between forming a Funk Metal band, producing, and taking piano lessons!
“One day l’ll put together a really heavy rock funk thing,” he said. But until then he’ll concentrate on his passion for
producing: “I’m a knob freak. I love the studio. l would really like to go into the studio and do something really creative

Originally appeared in Kerrang! magazine on March 2, 1991

with a solo artist or another band.

“There’re a lot of things I want to do. I want to take some saxophone lessons. I took piano lessons when I was a kid but l
quit because it got too hard, too complicated. Now I think l could take it on, because my drive and interest is there now. And l‘ll probably study with another drummer.” ‘
The length oi Motley Crue’s planned haitus varies depending on which member you talk to and when.
Sixx said: “We’d like to take the rest of ’91 of and we would like to put out our greatest hits album which will be called ‘Decade Of Decadence; ’81-91 ‘, record a couple of new tracks for that and maybe go out and do stadiums on our own after that.”
However, Crue are now reportedly considering a special guest slot at this year’s Donnington Monsters Of Rock festival, possibly as the beginning of the ‘Decade…’ tour.

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