Two Bands To Tour Under ‘The Angels’ Name Next Year

Published on November 14th, 2012


AUSTRALIAN rock fans are in for a confusing year in 2013 with two bands to tour under the name “The Angels”.

Just under two years ago, Doc Neeson was replaced as singer in the outfit run by John and Rick Brewster with Screaming Jet Dave Gleeson’s appointment followed by the release of an album, Take It To The Streets.

Now a band made up entirely of other former members of the iconic hard rockers – and fronted by Neeson – has been formed for touring next year.

The new line-up – whose tour will be called 100 Per Cent Angels – is rounded out by Bob Spencer (guitar), James Morley (guitar), Buzz Bidstrup (drums) and Jim Hilbun (bass), who have never previously played together in the band. Morley was previously a bassist.

The rival ‘Angels’ are: the Brewsters (guitar), Gleeson (vox), Chris Bailey (bass) and Nick Norton (drums).

Neeson’s line-up has taken control of website, where it proclaimed: “With The Angels 40th Anniversary looming in 2014, stay tuned for special announcements that fans past, present and future just won’t want to miss.”

The Brewsters have so far ignored the no.1 1990 album Beyond Salvation, which the rival band is tipped to feature heavily in its set. Likewise, the Brewsters have favoured the 1980s ‘grafitti’ logo while the new line-up sports the 1990 ‘flag’ insignia.

The latter’s tour kicks off on February 15 at Penrith. The Brewsters have also announced further tour dates in the last 48 hours.

In recent times two bands called Great White and two called LA Guns have toured in the US, while there will soon be two Queensryches as a result of personality and financial clashes between members.

John Brewster has admitted to Hot Metal he is no fan of the band’s early nineties metal period.

The 1990 album Beyond Salvation went to no.1 on the ARIA charts and spawned hits “Dogs Are Talking”, “Let The Night Roll On” and “Back Street Pick-Up”. The Angels were managed by then-Guns N’Roses handler Alan Niven and were relaunched in America as a black-garbed hard rock act.

But Brewster – who was not in the band at the time – tells us: “Did I like the metal-y Angels thing? No, not much.” His reconstutited version of the band, with Dave Gleeson on vocals, does not play any songs from the era.

Brewster explains: “It was interesting because Guns N’Roses did “Marseilles” and “Take A Long Line” which has got nothing to do with the period you’re talking about. Great White did “Can’t Shake It” and “Face The Day” – again, nothing to do with that period.

“But I had respect for what they were doing. I wasn’t in the band. I never thought the band couldn’t be The Angels without me in it or anything. I didn’t have that kind of … ego. It wasn’t my favourite period, put it that way. They did some great stuff. I wasn’t there for “Gotta Get Out Of This Place” but I think it’s stunning.

“Beyold Salvation songs? I don’t think we do any.”

Gleeson adds: “With the new stuff and the selection of old stuff, we haven’t really started getting into the depths of it. I’ve probably got 35 songs down-pat. Think of all the rest of them. There’s thousands.”



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