STOP STOP at Cellars Pub, Teignmouth, January 2014

Published on January 23rd, 2014

Live review: STOP STOP at Cellars Pub, Teignmouth, January 10 2014
DOES anyone ever wonder what the fuck happened to those sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll days?
Where have all those glorious bands gone and since when has music been more of a ‘money’ thing than a superior form of art? If you’re asking yourself the same questions, then rock music has still got a chance to claim its rights and dominate the world! Oh yeah, baby!
I must admit it has been a while since I saw some great rock bands live and I so miss those days when I would go to a sold out concert with guitar and drum solos, head-banging, singing along, beer, rock, rock and even more rock.
Do you know that feeling when music is so powerful that it brings thousands of people together? Your whole body is absorbing every sound, it’s running through your pores and when it reaches your most important organ (the brain, obviously…what were you thinking of?), it just blows you away into an incredible orgasmic experience that it’s even better than sex at times. But let’s not get there yet… I have this incredible band and the day I become a StOp sToP fan to talk about.
Not long time ago, I was contemplating my Friday night – and I can tell you that Friday nights in Teignmouth are not the most spectacular, especially if you’re not one of those people who wants to just go to a pub and drink until you pass out.
My friend Ollie told me a few weeks ago about this band called StOp sToP, saying how great they are, and that I should come to Cellars Pub to see them live. The name didn’t do anything to me so I decided to do a bit of a research work and I came across the clip below, which appears to be their first video from their debut album, Unlimited. Did I like it? I wasn’t sure what to believe but it certainly didn’t leave me indifferent. So I decided to fight against my exhaustion, put my leather clothes on, go and have a look at those guys and see what they can do.
There weren’t so many people inside Cellars that night. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but when the band started playing, I was completely amazed by what these three talented young guys can do. Jacob AM, their frontman and bass player is loud as hell and his explosive attitude makes him a perfect entertainer, Vega is going crazy with his guitar (reminded me of Slash from Guns N’Roses) and Danny Stixx, the drummer, is a massive mix of wildness with great looking hair.
Pretty fabulous so far, huh? Big names were going through my mind like Poison, KISS, Whitesnake and Motley Crue. I’m guessing they found a bit of inspiration in those bands, although their style is unique. Even their appearance: rip-off skinny jeans, glam tops, leather, accessories and make-up proved a great sense of detail and perfectionism.
It didn’t take long and everyone was singing with them, jumping all around and head banging. Jacob was interacting with the people all the time. He even called us ‘motherfuckers’! And we absolutely loved it – because we were all ready to rock and to party along with the band until the last drop of it.\
It felt so good, it felt so alive and music was taking control of us. And Jacob … one minute he was executing some crazy steps with Vega and the next minute he was down on the floor, lying on his back and rockin’ his guitar in the most insane way you can imagine. He was literally everywhere; walking through the place, next to the pool table, outside the pub, then back in, on the table, on the floor and finally next to his guys in what seemed to be a perfect bass solo execution.
Of course, Vega played his part too with his mad guitar and Danny was smashing the drums in his solo.
And we were so disappointed when they finished playing. The guys were generous, though, and they gave us not one, but two more songs; they made us ask for them in Spanish: “Uno mas, por favor!’. With the promise of coming back to Teignmouth in six weeks to give us another strong dose of rock and roll, the night was over.
StOp sToP is all about passion for rock music, hard work and perfectionism. Their style is aggressive, eccentric and loud! Just the way rock’ n’ roll used to be long time ago! Jacob, Vega and Danny are fully dedicated to the people and the quality of their music stands for that anytime. And what I admire the most at them, is that they have the confidence and the attitude that only real musicians get after they dedicate themselves entirely to the music.
So bring it on, bitches ‘ cause glam rock is back and it’s here to stay! Rock on!



  1. Posted by Kim on January 23rd, 2014, 15:35 [Reply]

    Keep rocking Stop stop and keep rocking the reviews Andruta, you’re great! Awesome review and keep them coming! 😉

  2. Posted by thomas on January 30th, 2014, 03:27 [Reply]

    Great review andruta. Made me want to comvert to rock music again! More reviews please.


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