Drummer Signs NBA Contract!

Published on January 15th, 2015

CINDERELLA drummer Fred Coury has signed an NBA contract – but he won’t be making his pro hoops debut at the age of 47.
Coury has been musical director for the Los Angeles Kings ice hockey side for almost five years. When officials from that club moved north to join the basketball side, they took the skinsman with them.
“I just signed my first deal with them for three years,” Coury tells Hot Metal. “I’m in the middle of my nine year deal with the Kings and now three years with these guys.
“Some of the guys from the Kings went up to Portland and asked me if I could help get an overall sound for them and clean up what they have and do that for them as well. Of course, I spoke to the guys and the Kings and they said ‘yeah, who do you think recommended you?”
Next step, the NFL>
“Paul Allan, who owns the Trailblazers, also owns the Seattle Seahawks so you never know.” Coury laughed.
“I did one year at the Detroit Pistons. I have an understanding of what has to happen in an arena to create the energy, get the fans riled up, which in turn gets the team fired up and then the energy starts going back and forth between all of them.
“It’s not scoring television (which Coury also does). It’s scoring real life”

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