A Cinderella Story: Chapter Two – Eric Brittingham

Published on November 17th, 2015

Cinderella 4ONE of the big complaints of old timers about the state the music industry today is that it’s hard to know what exactly band your favourite stars are in.

As an example, one minute George Lynch puts out a record with Doug Pinnick of Kings X, the next he’s back with Lynch Mob, then he’s promoting a project with Stryper’s Michael Sweet.

In this era where more is … well, just more, a new terminology has emerged: a “project” isn’t serious until it becomes acknowledged by everyone involved as “a band”.

And Eric Brittingham wants it known that Devil City Angels, which he shares with Tracii Guns, Rikki Rockett and Brandon Gibbs, is A BAND.

Brittingham, Eric“Frankly – this might sound harsh to fans – if it took Tom 10 years to make a record, I’m not waiting around another 10 years to make a Cinderella record,” says Brittingham from Acton California where he has come from a remote recording studio to get telephone reception.

“I’m going to do other things. I know Tom’s really busy working his record right now and we haven’t toured in the last two years and we’re not touring next year because he’s still working on his solo career. “

The seventies-influenced supergroup have already released a handful of songs online – “All My People” was picked up for NFL TV coverage – and plan a debut record on a new label, to be released on April 21.

Brittingham’s resume outside of Cinderella includes Naked Beggars and the Gibbs Brothers. Cheap Thrill, which included Jeff Labar and Gibbs? That was a project.

“We put Cheap Thrill together basically to keep our chops up, make a few bucks, have some fun, drink some beer and get paid for it,” he said. “It doesn’t sounds like a bad plan.

“It started out as just an acoustic trio. We did three back-to-back cruises – a Monsters of Rock, a Moody Blues and a Yes cruise. All of a sudden our phones started ringing from promoters and agents wanting to book it. We booked a European tour. We had a lot of fun, there were good crowds. It actually got more legs than we thought it was going to. It helped Jeff with his singing, he got to sing more, and Brandon and I got to work more together and now we’re in Devil City Angels together.
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“It’s not something that’s over, we can revisit it

“There are other bands doing … eighties revues and all that. That’s not really for me. When Rikki Rocket approached me about Devil City Angels, it really appealed to me because we want to go in and make good rock’n’roll music, kind of like the stuff we grew up with in the seventies … all the bands I grew up with.

“This is perfect, this is exactly what I want to do. It sounded great in theory and then when we got together, we banged out four songs in, like, two weeks. We just wrote them, recorded them and we were done. We thought ‘this is cool, let’s become a band’.

“We showed people we’re serious about this. We’re not resting on our laurels. We’re not going out playing old Poison, Cinderella, LA Guns music. We’re writing our own music and making this a real band. ‘

“We’re going to tour as much as we humanly can stand. The label wants us to get out and go overseas first. You might be seeing us over there maybe late winter, early spring. Or next summer, I’m not sure.”

Since this story was filed for Classic Rock presents AOR, Eric Brittingham has left Devil City Angels



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