Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection

Published on September 13th, 2016

operation-mindcrime-resurrectionAlbum review – Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection


GEOFF Tate (formerly of Queensryche) has amazingly produced a musical masterpiece with the upcoming album Resurrection.
This album may answer further unanswered questions which may have been going around fans heads after listening to the first part ‘The Key’
The story is that of four people who create a technology that ‘could’ change the world. As it goes these four individuals cannot decide what is the best way to use and develop this technology which ultimately ends up with conflicts within the group.
Resurrection is very intelligently put together and the sounds you hear during listening to this album are so well collaborated.
I’m no way comparing this to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds but it does have that kind of feel to it, especially in the earlier tracks.
There are plenty of elements in Resurrection of Geoff Tate’s solo and band work from the past.
Personally I believe it’s an album which needs listening to a few times before you really get into it, but once you are into it, you will be fully drawn to it.
A couple of the tracks are very short but lead into longer songs but the ultimate one “Healing My Wounds” – such a powerful song both musically and lyrically.




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