SLEEP – Holy Mountain

Published on January 5th, 2018

Album review – Sleep – Sleep’s Holy Mountain
CONSIDER, if you will, that the first two lines of Sleep’s Holy Mountain are “Ride the dragon towards the crimson eye/Flap the wings under Mars’ red sky” and Carl H’s succinct Baaaarnsey review where he states that “retro doesn’t necessarily mean progression” and that Sleep play humungous, gut—churning riffs with a shifty, noisy production.

Thought about It? I hope you are confused as me. I’m not sure whether to condemn Sleep for their obvious love of all things Sabbathy or to place them on high because of my love of all things Sabbathy.
Do you see my dilemma? Sleep are a throwback to the heady days of flares, tree love, heavy guitars, psychedelic covers and grooves. Stoners should get into it. Amazon Discogs
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