DARK THRONE – Under a Funeral Moon

Published on January 22nd, 2018

Album review – DARK THRONE – Under A Funeral Moon

DARK Throne formed in ’87 and after a few demos, which progressively improved musically, they released their debut album, Soulside Journey.

Then they made a dramatic change: they denounced their former musical efforts as inferior and redefined their goals. Their new direction is directly south, to the darkest realms of unholy black metal. Together electric lead guitarist Zephyrous, Satan’s Poet’percussionist Fenriz and bass guitar summoner Nocturno Cults have created their second infernal opus since this change (the first being A Blaze In The Night Sky, a brilliant effort and the promise of blacker things to come). Under A Funeral Moon‘s an excellent example of extreme black metal (which is very horrible and evil heavy metal with a beyond-gothic image and lyrics that are overtly Satanic).

Dark Throne are true to their style, spewing forth eight songs of hate and blasphemy that create a disturbing and morbid atmosphere.
…Funeral Moon is reminiscent of early Bathory, using similar trebly guitars and vocals. This album is definitely not for everybody; with guitars that grate, sloppy drumming, creature vocals and a bastard production it can only appeal to brain dead bangers with sanity and dark, sick imaginations. Definitely my favourite release for ages.
– Rev. KRISS Hades
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