Vinnie Vincent “touring Australia in August”

Published on April 15th, 2019

FORMER KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent says he’s touring Australia in August.
Vincent, 66, emerged from 2w years as a recluse last year but has aborted a number of full-scale comeback concerts. Now he says he’s in talks with Australian promoters about number of public appearances, adding he’s unsure if these will involve performances.
“I do actually believe that the Australia tour … there’s an Australia tour that is materialising as we speak,” Vincent told the Decibel Geek podcast.
“I’m not sure musically what’s going to happen there but there’s a couple of promoters who’ve been working with me over the past two months to try and set up dates and get me down there.
“I’m pretty sure, the way it looks, is as of this morning we are shooting for August for Vinnie to be Australia.”
Vincent also said US promoters had mentioned an acoustic tour. The man who replaced Ace Frehley on lead guitar in 1982 has previously been reunited with singer Robert Fleischman in 2018, only for the alliance to break down again.
In the same interview, Vincent claimed he left KISS after being paid a paltry wage.
“My take-home pay, I remember exactly – it was $556 and it wasn’t going up from there,” he says. “I just thought: I’ve got a family, I can’t buy a house, I can’t buy a car, you know?
“I gotta have some kind of future – and I didn’t want to leave.”
He also says he hates recording with drummers, preferring drum machines.
“I personally think once you get a real rock drummer on a track, it doesn’t feel good anymore,” he comments.
“The songs I write … it’s not rock in terms of groove and feel so … I hate my songs with a real drummer on them. I mean, I cannot stand it. As soon as I hear a real drummer on my songs, my heart sinks.
“It still is my pet peeve to this day. I see a rock drummer and I get my cross and my garlic out and I go ‘go away’.”

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