• MOTLEY CRUE: Feeling Minnesota (1990)
    By STEVE MASCORD THE mercury in Minneapolis is plunging mercilessly past zero as Middle America wallows in snow. Vince Neil, however, is waltzing down the hotel corridor towards his multi-room penthouse in a sleeveless v-neck shirt and blue boxer shorts. His dirty blonde hair spews out from under a neatly reversed baseball cap, just like […]
  • BABY ANIMALS: London Calling (1992)
    By STEVE MASCORD DAVE Leslie reclined in his plush seat, surveying the cafe of a five star London Hotel that sits imposingly across the road from Lords. He looked like he’d just won rock’n’roll’s version of The Ashes. “Yeah, it’s worse than I thought it would be!” Leslie grinned Vocalist Suze DeMarchi, sitting adjacent, joined […]
  • THE PARTY BOYS – The Party Boys
    Album review: PARTY BOYS – The Party Boys There hasn’t been a tot of real grassroots guitar rock’n’roll to come out of Australia since Jimmy Barnes’ last record. A bit, but not much. In fact, there’s been very few enduring Aussie bands capable of blowing your head off since AC/DC. Paul Christie, Swanee and the […]
  • Motley Crue To Tour In May 1990
    By STEVE MASCORD BASSIST Nikki Sixx has confirmed Motley Crue will tour Australia in May — and challenged Jon Bon Jovi to a fight! Sixx has called Bon Jovi “a lying asshole” after the New Jersey frontman told Juke last month he had nothing to do with the incident at the Moscow Peace Festival which […]
  • DOKKEN – Back For The Attack
    Album review: DOKKEN – Back For The Attack  A LOT of people thought Dokken would end up as big as Bon Jovi: their last LP  Under Lock And Key had tinges of greatness, but the general attitude was that they’d become a big band if only they’d quieten down guitarist George Lynch a bit. To their […]

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AC/DC – Rock Or Bust

November 23, 2014 Steve 0

Album review – AC/DC – Rock Or Bust WHEN it comes to expectations regarding this, the Australian hard rock behemoths’ 16th studio album, pessimism has out-weighed optimism. Founder Malcolm Young has retired due to ill (read on)

ACE FREHLEY – Space Invader

September 10, 2014 Steve 0

Album Review – ACE FREHLEY – Space Invader IF Ace Frehley was drawing up a list back in the late 1970s of people who might one day trash his legacy, hotel concierge, auto panel beaters, drug (read on)

THE ANGELS – Talk The Talk

January 25, 2014 Steve 0

Album review: The Angels – Talk The Talk By ALISON HOSIE I WAS given Talk the Talk, The Angels’  latest album to review and I must admit, I was pretty excited to give it a (read on)

Kings Of The Sun – Rock Til Ya Die

September 11, 2013 Steve 0

Album review: Kings Of The Sun – Rock Til Ya Die By STEVE MASCORD HAVE you ever thought much about the link between rock’n’roll and testosterone? Is it an art form linked inextricably to teenage (read on)

CRASHDIET – The Savage Playground

January 25, 2013 Steve 0

Album review: CRASHDIET – The Savage Playground By STEVE MASCORD WHAT is the difference between the likes of CrashDiet or Black Veil Brides and Motley Crue or Poison? To those without an affinity with the (read on)

KISS – Monster

October 20, 2012 Steve 0

Album review:  KISS – Monster By ANTE GRABOVAC From start to finish,  Monster finally lives up to the pre-release hype that accompanies every KISS album. How many times have we heard ‘this is a mix (read on)

LA GUNS – Hollywood Forever

September 24, 2012 Steve 1

Album review: LA GUNS – Hollywood Forever By STEVE MASCORD THERE are no hard and fast rules for an eighties hair metal band aiming to eke out a living this decade. Some, like Motley Crue, (read on)

KISS – Crazy Nights

September 18, 2012 Steve 0

By STEVE MASCORD THE make-up adorned, blood-spitting original glammers – who at their best were the biggest band of the seventies -are back, according to the hype. “They have again released a real KISS album.” Well, (read on)

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