TOUCHSTONES by Steve Mascord

Published on May rd, 2017

Touchstones coverIS is still OK to like the music we adored in our teens?

What was it about Bon Jovi, Poison and Ratt that hooked us? And why do some people move on to “grown-up” heavy music while others cling to the David Coverdale poster from their childhood bedroom?

Australian-raised writer Steve Mascord wrote for Kerrang! and JUKE, helped found Hot Metal and authored the long-running Loudmouth column in On The Street and Drum Media. While all his friends gave up on new music and started families, at 47 he found himself flying to Denmark to see D:A:D and disguising his IP address so he could listen to Hair Nation on Sirius XM.

Then one day he woke up and found himself asking: “why”?

He got engaged, he prepared to move countries, he decided to pay off his credit card debt and he was ready to finally leave his childhood behind. But should that mean renouncing the music of his youth?

Touchstones, Steve’s first book, is his attempt at finding answers. Includes new interviews with Vivian Campbell, Airbourne, Dave Gleeson, Cherie Currie and more!
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